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Note to Educators

Note to Students


Applicable disciplines: Music, English Literature, Business and Law.

The Guiomar Smeets Foundation selects scholarship recipients based on those students who meet eligibility and merit criteria, are sponsored by educators from their academic institutions and who demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Solid academic record;

  • A commitment to excellence;

  • A desire to pursue higher education in the disciplines; stipulated above;

  • Motivation; and

  • Ability to communicate effectively.

Academic institutions and educators interested in the foundation should contact Mr. David Lovato, scholarship coordinator at

The Guiomar Smeets Foundation awards scholarships to motivated, talented students who pursue undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degrees in the fields of music, English literature, business or law. The Foundation carefully selects scholarship recipients based on merit and eligibility requirements, a strong academic record, educator sponsorship and application.

Students interested in a Guiomar Smeets Foundation scholarship are encouraged to nominate a sponsoring educator to apply on their behalf.

Please click here to access the portal and begin your application.

Partner schools:

Bishop's College School

The Nightingale Bamford School

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